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Ways to Avoid the (Dreaded) Unpaid Internship

Since I attacked journalism last time, I thought I’d set my sights this week on a topic that I’ve read a few articles about: the unpaid internship. The most recent article I have read is one by The Globe and Mail, which, despite its redundant headline, argues pretty strongly for the “No” side on whether unpaid internships are ethical.

Much of the time, the types of industries that offer unpaid internships are those that are competitive, i.e. difficult to break into, such as film, journalism, media, art, etc. While some people feel like it is a good opportunity to gain contacts and work experience, others are of the mind that it is unethical and a euphemism for slave labour. I’m in the latter category.

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The months-long debate over the mandatory long-form census could move forward tomorrow, as the Opposition will vote on a motion put forward by the Liberals in the Commons. According to The Globe and Mail, the motion is as follows:

“That the House calls on the Government of Canada to re-instate immediately the Long-form Census; and given that no person has ever been imprisoned for not completing the census, the House further calls on the government to introduce legislative amendments to the Statistics Act to remove completely the provision of imprisonment from Section 31 of the Act in relation to the Long-form Census, the Census of Population, and the Census of Agriculture.”

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