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Rethinking Leadership, Networking and Lollipop Moments

On January 8, 2011, I participated in my first-ever UBC Student Leadership Conference (SLC). The SLC is a one-day, student-organized conference at UBC that connects student leaders with alumni and motivational speakers.

The theme was “Rethinking Leadership,” and the conference was very successful at presenting different perspectives on what the word leadership means.

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Networking: SLC 2011?

I’ve just submitted my proposal for a workshop for UBC’s Student Leadership Conference (affectionately abbreviated SLC), to be held on January 8, 2011. I should know by next Wednesday if my proposal is accepted. Here’s the blurb I submitted for my workshop:

Six degrees of separation. Facebook friends. Tweets. Blogging. How does the web translate to a coffee date, a potential colleague, or a new friend?

Sam will teach you the do’s and don’t’s of maintaining your online profile and keeping it clean. She’ll show you the different kinds of contacts you can have, how to make connections – and maintain those relationships once you leave university. She’ll show you how the line between contact and friend can blur…but that it’s all right, and can sometimes work in your favour. Finally, Sam will show you how to use Twitter, Facebook and other social media networks to get your name out there and give yourself an online presence, as well as translate those web conversations to in-person meetings.

I’ve never been to UBC’s SLC, and I’m going to go even if my proposal doesn’t get accepted. It should be a lot of fun!