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The EUS doesn’t endorse pranks?

Today’s edition of The Ubyssey contains their annual article about UBC’s Engineering Undergraduate Society (EUS) and their penchant for pranks—or in the case of the last few years, lack of the hilarious and mildly annoying deeds.

One line in particular stood out to me, however:

“Pranks have never been endorsed by the Engineering Undergraduate Society,” said EUS VP Communications Will Gallego. “The EUS does not condone pranks of any kind.”

Oh reaaaallly?…I wrote the article on the students who were arrested for attempting to hang a VW Beetle over the Ironworkers Memorial Bridge in February 2009 and found something interesting. In the “Engineers’ Handbuk”, it outlines the types of patches that students can get to decorate their Engineering letterman jackets—including patches for successfully pulling off a prank. See the infographic taken from The Ubyssey below (February 2009):

It’s also right here on their website. A “STUdeNt projecT” is what Engineering students call pranks.

Just some food for thought.