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Review: Party This Weekend

Photo: Shy hipster Derek (right) shares a drink with barista Jamie (left) at Party This Weekend (Samantha Jung Photo)


This weekend I attended the opening night of Party This Weekend (PTW), a production put on by House Party Collective. The play is an unusual production; it breaks the fourth wall, meaning there is frequent interaction between the audience and the actors. Read the rest of this entry


My New Strange Love: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love [PR]

Almost everyone I know is aware that from a very young age, my answer to the question “What do you want to be when you grow up?” was always “a journalist.” While I have not given up on journalism altogether, I have done a lot of introspection over the past year, and have concluded that I will no longer be actively pursuing this career path.

It is not because I was influenced by Kai Nagata’s quarter-life crisis that resulted in his exit from one of Canada’s top broadcast organizations (more on that later). I just realized that, even though I can have it, I’m pretty sure I don’t want a journalist’s lifestyle.

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Help me get an A!

For my term paper for Cultural Psychology, I have to compare two or more cultures on an issue or need.

I have chosen to look at the role of the mother in the family, and will be comparing Filipino and Western cultures (in general).

This is where I need your help! As part of my research, I would like to interview a few of you to ask you a few questions on the role of the mother in the traditional Western/Filipino family. If you don’t feel too comfortable, just send me a message/e-mail with a few of your thoughts.

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The EUS doesn’t endorse pranks?

Today’s edition of The Ubyssey contains their annual article about UBC’s Engineering Undergraduate Society (EUS) and their penchant for pranks—or in the case of the last few years, lack of the hilarious and mildly annoying deeds.

One line in particular stood out to me, however:

“Pranks have never been endorsed by the Engineering Undergraduate Society,” said EUS VP Communications Will Gallego. “The EUS does not condone pranks of any kind.”

Oh reaaaallly?…I wrote the article on the students who were arrested for attempting to hang a VW Beetle over the Ironworkers Memorial Bridge in February 2009 and found something interesting. In the “Engineers’ Handbuk”, it outlines the types of patches that students can get to decorate their Engineering letterman jackets—including patches for successfully pulling off a prank. See the infographic taken from The Ubyssey below (February 2009):

It’s also right here on their website. A “STUdeNt projecT” is what Engineering students call pranks.

Just some food for thought.

Rethinking Leadership, Networking and Lollipop Moments

On January 8, 2011, I participated in my first-ever UBC Student Leadership Conference (SLC). The SLC is a one-day, student-organized conference at UBC that connects student leaders with alumni and motivational speakers.

The theme was “Rethinking Leadership,” and the conference was very successful at presenting different perspectives on what the word leadership means.

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My take on the “Too Asian” article

Until now, I have hesitated to comment on the Maclean‘s article titled “Too Asian?” that has been stirring controversy in the media over the past two weeks. Before I express my dissent for the article, I’m going to make a few disclaimers:

a. I worked with one of the authors, Stephanie Findlay. We worked together at The Ubyssey Student Newspaper a few years ago. I consider her a very intelligent person. As (hopefully) future journalists, we will one day be asked to critique the work of others—even though those people might be our friends or colleagues. I also understand the editorial process, and how what’s printed can look radically different from the original draft.

b. I’m 100% Chinese. I’ve been mistaken for Filipino, people think I’m half-white, etc. However, I’m second-generation Chinese-Canadian—it means I’m the first generation to be born in Canada—and that means that, while I have adopted a lot of Western culture, I still retain a few of the Chinese customs and values.

To put it simply: I did not like the article “Too Asian?” I found it sensationalistic and offensive. I will be repeating a lot of what I have read in opinion pieces and columns that have been published, but I’ll try to comment on the dialogue out there at the end.

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Why wouldn’t you want a U-Pass?

I can’t believe it: BC Local News reported earlier today that the Kwantlen Students Association (KSA) missed the deadline to hold a referendum to decide if they want a U-Pass in January.

KSA Chair of the Executive Board Matthew Todd told newswire BC Local News that they are pushing for a custom deal with TransLink on the pass, which SFU and UBC students currently enjoy at $25 a month.* The new U-Pass program could (referendum permitting) cost other post-secondary students, including Kwantlen, Douglas and Emily Carr, $30 a month.

If an agreement can be reached, Kwantlen students can vote in a referendum in February and could have a U-Pass by summer 2011.

The KSA’s criticisms of the proposed U-Pass reflect those I’ve previously read about the new BC U-Pass program and about the trial U-Pass programs at the Universities of Ottawa and Carleton.

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Networking: SLC 2011?

I’ve just submitted my proposal for a workshop for UBC’s Student Leadership Conference (affectionately abbreviated SLC), to be held on January 8, 2011. I should know by next Wednesday if my proposal is accepted. Here’s the blurb I submitted for my workshop:

Six degrees of separation. Facebook friends. Tweets. Blogging. How does the web translate to a coffee date, a potential colleague, or a new friend?

Sam will teach you the do’s and don’t’s of maintaining your online profile and keeping it clean. She’ll show you the different kinds of contacts you can have, how to make connections – and maintain those relationships once you leave university. She’ll show you how the line between contact and friend can blur…but that it’s all right, and can sometimes work in your favour. Finally, Sam will show you how to use Twitter, Facebook and other social media networks to get your name out there and give yourself an online presence, as well as translate those web conversations to in-person meetings.

I’ve never been to UBC’s SLC, and I’m going to go even if my proposal doesn’t get accepted. It should be a lot of fun!

Campus for Christ misses the mark

I’d just like to draw attention to a terrible contest that took place on campus this month. Campus for Christ, an AMS club, held a contest called “Paid vs. Aid.” Participants entered in a draw to win $1000.

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