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Why wouldn’t you want a U-Pass?

I can’t believe it: BC Local News reported earlier today that the Kwantlen Students Association (KSA) missed the deadline to hold a referendum to decide if they want a U-Pass in January.

KSA Chair of the Executive Board Matthew Todd told newswire BC Local News that they are pushing for a custom deal with TransLink on the pass, which SFU and UBC students currently enjoy at $25 a month.* The new U-Pass program could (referendum permitting) cost other post-secondary students, including Kwantlen, Douglas and Emily Carr, $30 a month.

If an agreement can be reached, Kwantlen students can vote in a referendum in February and could have a U-Pass by summer 2011.

The KSA’s criticisms of the proposed U-Pass reflect those I’ve previously read about the new BC U-Pass program and about the trial U-Pass programs at the Universities of Ottawa and Carleton.

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