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Rethinking Leadership, Networking and Lollipop Moments

On January 8, 2011, I participated in my first-ever UBC Student Leadership Conference (SLC). The SLC is a one-day, student-organized conference at UBC that connects student leaders with alumni and motivational speakers.

The theme was “Rethinking Leadership,” and the conference was very successful at presenting different perspectives on what the word leadership means.

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Transat Vacationer Contest

I’ve applied for an awesome job. Transat Holidays is offering applicants a chance to be their travel reporter and brand representative for one year. What a fabulous opportunity! I submitted my application yesterday. The next step is to make it to the final 50.

View the video I made for the contest:

Is time travel possible?

A YouTube video by Irish director George Clark has got me (and people on the Internet) second guessing the ideal that backward time travel is impossible.

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