More on U of T’s J-School program

I came across some more information on the University of Toronto’s proposed journalism program in The Varsity (the university’s student paper). I’m not sure why I didn’t see this article before.

Unfortunately, it might not be exactly what I want in a graduate school. The idea is that it will train individuals with a specialty to report in their ‘niche’:

“Doctors, lawyers, grad students, advocates, and other people with substantial life history would participate in a program tailored to their niche. While learning the fundamentals of journalism, students would focus on reporting in their specific fields and would begin freelancing by second semester.”

The details of the program have not been disclosed, but there are a few questions. Will freelancing be a requirement for graduation, like an internship? What if articles in your ‘niche’ are of low demand? How would they select applicants from different niches?

It seems there will be some technical training of some kind, as offered at other grad schools: “Students would be taught how to create a personal studio, complete with all necessary tools for reporting through multiple platforms on the issues relevant to their work.”

The world “freelance” in the description scares me. I do not want to, and cannot, make a living as a freelance journalist. Perhaps I should backtrack. Lately I’ve been questioning attending J-school. Journalist jobs (as of today) are hard to come by, it’s a competitive and tough industry and doesn’t have a high starting wage.

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