Stop Asking About Jack Layton’s Illness

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I just have a few quick points to make regarding this Globe and Mail op-ed titled, “What if Quebeckers had known the whole story about Jack Layton?”:

1. I will say it again: it is nobody’s business what kind of cancer Jack Layton had. Some things should not be public information. Maybe Olivia Chow just wanted to have some time with her husband without the prying eyes of the media and public. Yes, I agree that if he had resigned, it would have changed people’s votes, but really…

2. The best way to vote is for the party of your choice based on its policies. Quebeckers (apparently) voted for Layton (the person) and not the NDP. Sure, you may think that voting for your favourite leader is a good way your preferred policies will be implemented (“Yup, I can trust this guy”). But in reality, if things like attractiveness and the order candidates appear on a ballot can persuade you on Election Day, how can you say that your vote for the most “trustworthy” leader is the most reliable course of action?

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