Help me get an A!

For my term paper for Cultural Psychology, I have to compare two or more cultures on an issue or need.

I have chosen to look at the role of the mother in the family, and will be comparing Filipino and Western cultures (in general).

This is where I need your help! As part of my research, I would like to interview a few of you to ask you a few questions on the role of the mother in the traditional Western/Filipino family. If you don’t feel too comfortable, just send me a message/e-mail with a few of your thoughts.

Here are a few questions to get you started:

-Who would be considered the head of the household in a Western/Filipino family – the father or the mother? Why/why not?

-Who does most of the chores/housework in a traditional Western/Filipino family?

-Who attends to family matters?

-Who works?

-Who stays home and takes care of the children?

-Would you say that the father and mother in a Western/Filipino family are “equal” in status in the context of the family? Why or why not?

-How do other people within the Western/Filipino culture view the mother?

Please respond by next Wednesday, March 30: you can write me a message on Facebook or at Or call me (604-805-3850 if you forgot my #). If you want to meet in person we can do that too.

If you want to help but want to retain anonymity, please let me know and I will make up a fake name for you.

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