What does Starbucks have to do with Liberal Party preference?

…nothing, apparently. According to a recent study, preference for the siren’s brew doesn’t mean you’ll vote Liberal.

The study analyzed Starbucks locations in federal political ridings across Canada, and concluded “that the availability of Starbucks coffee shops in a riding is in no way indicative of likely voting habits by its inhabitants.”

The study posits that there is little difference between a Liberal-held or Conservative-held riding. The three provinces with the most Starbucks locations are BC with 372 (unsurprisingly), Ontario with 332 and Alberta with 224.

Out of the top ten ridings with the highest density of Starbucks locations: “17 are Conservative, nine are New Democratic and only five are Liberal.”

A cute study. Guess the “latte-sipping elites” don’t necessarily vote Liberal.

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