Is time travel possible?

A YouTube video by Irish director George Clark has got me (and people on the Internet) second guessing the ideal that backward time travel is impossible.

Clark claims that a time traveller was caught on film in the extra footage of Charlie Chaplin’s 1928 film “The Circus.” In the YouTube video, he plays the footage quite a few times, at regular speed, in slow motion and even zooms in on the so-called “time traveller.”

Clark describes the “time traveller” as a “butch woman” or a “man in drag,” and says that it is impossible for the person to be holding, and talking to, anything other than a cell phone—which obviously did not exist in the 1920s.

Is time travel—more specifically, travelling into the past—possible? I did some Googleing.

Here’s a link to an e-mail exchange between SFU philosophy professor Norman Schwartz and philosopher Bradley Dowden on visiting the past: (1993).

However, Stephen Hawking told The Toronto Sun in May that forward time travel could be true in the future, but not backward time travel:

Then there’s the idea of parallel universes

Even if this video turns out to be a joke, it’s still fun to ponder the possibility of time travel.


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